GARDENA Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose Box 20 roll-up automatic

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The GARDENA Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose Box 20 roll-up automatic makes watering so easy and convenient. The Hose Box takes over the cranking for you. You pull the hose to the desired length. Through a measured pull on the hose the locking device in the Hose Box is activated. After watering, the locking is deactivated through a gentle pull and the hose automatically and evenly winds up again. Special about this box is the holder. It can be attached to the wall or to the ground. The Hose Box itself can be swivelled in all directions. If it is mounted on the wall, it can be swivelled 180°, on the ground even 360°. This allows flexible watering of your garden. The Hose Box can be removed and conveniently carried with the integrated handle. You can water even the smallest corners of your garden. The Wall-Mounted Hose Box is completely equipped with a 20-metre-long quality hose, a 2-metre-long connection hose, an infinitely Adjustable Spray Nozzle (Art. No. 8114) and the required Original GARDENA System Fittings: three Tap Connectors (Art. No. 900, 901, 902), a Standard Hose Connector (Art. No. 915) and a Water Stop (Art. No. 913).The Water Stop prevents spilling after the water has been turned off. No water is wasted. There is a practical holder for four nozzles, sprayers or wash brushes. These are always in reach. Through the special wall mounting, the Hose Box saves space, e.g. on the garage wall. Screws, dowels and instructions for mounting on the wall or the ground are included. Mounting is extremely easy. Watering can be so simple – with the Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose 20 roll-up automatic.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)