NatureUp! Set Vertical with watering

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The GARDENA NatureUp! Set Vertical with watering is the flexible system for transforming bare walls into a real eye-catcher using flowers, herbs and vegetables in a quick, uncomplicated manner without requiring much effort. The connecting system with planters made from weather-resistant plastic is modular, extendable and can be connected without the use of tools. The planters can stand on the floor or be securely hung on the walls. A drainage system in each planter ensures that waterlogging is prevented. Excess water is collected in the drip pan of the floor plate. As a result, the wall and floor always stay clean. The set consists of 5 vertical planters, 5 covers, 1 floor plate, 20 connecting clips and the NatureUp! Vertical Watering Set Tap.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)