Pump Sprayer 0.75 l

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Supplying your plants and flowers with water - this works perfectly again and again with the Pump Sprayer 0.75 l from GARDENA. You have the Pump Sprayer immediately at hand and can use it inside your home as well as on your balcony or in the garden. Regardless of the angle the sprayer is held, water is sucked in every time the handle is pressed, as the suction hose is always in the water thanks to the 360° function and no air is sucked in. In combination with the robust and high-quality full brass nozzle, with each spray top performance is achieved. Adjust the nozzle simply and comfortably to use either a full jet or a spray mist. The water level can be easily read through the translucent container. The ergonomic handle makes it very pleasant to use, even if your fingers are wet. The large opening makes filling with water quick and easy.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)