Pipeline Oscillating Sprinkler

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The Pipeline Oscillating Sprinkler by GARDENA fits seamlessly into GARDENA Pipeline. It is connected to a Water Station with just one click and the sprinkler waters your lawn, plants or vegetable patch. Regulate the water flow and adjust the intensity individually to the needs of your garden. You can flexibly set both the range (3–18 metres) and the watering width (3–12 metres) with the adjustment knobs. The sprinkler head can also be rotated 360° by hand. The garden sprinkler's nozzles provide even and precise watering over an area of 9 to 216 m² without creating puddles. Cleaning the irrigation sprinkler is convenient and easy: there is a filter in the water connection that prevents dirt particles from getting into the Oscillating Sprinkler. You can remove it and then simply clean it under running water. The soft plastic spray nozzles can also be easily unclogged from limescale by wiping with your finger. Another feature is the UV resistance, which protects the Pipeline Oscillating Sprinkler from sunlight. The quality product is made in Europe. Water wherever it is needed. The easy access to water: pipelines below ground.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)