Pipe Cutter 25 mm

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The Pipe Cutter from GARDENA is a great help when cutting installation pipes. The ideal tool for laying GARDENA Pipeline in the garden, the pipes are used to transport water underground to any desired location. By cutting and chamfering, the Pipe Cutter makes it easier for you to connect the pipe to the other components of the system. The Pipe Cutter is very simple to use. Clamp the pipe in the Pipe Cutter at the point to be cut and, by rotating the tool with little effort, you will make a clean cut. A sharp and long-lasting blade is integrated in the Pipe Cutter, which will deliver up to 1000 clean cuts. In the second step, you can push the cut end of the pipe through the opening to the blade to add a chamfer. A precisely cut and chamfered pipe has the great advantage that you can connect it effortlessly with the Quick & Easy connectors from GARDENA Pipeline. The Pipe Cutter is engineered in Germany and impresses with its high product quality. Water wherever it is needed. The easy access to water: pipelines below ground.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)