Oscillating Sprinkler AquaCount

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The Oscillating Sprinkler AquaCount from GARDENA ensures that your lawn is always watered evenly and precisely without puddles on areas from 90 to 220 m². Keeping a tab of your own water consumption is possible with the help of the built-in water meter. With its help, you won't waste a drop of water. You can operate all 4 functions of the water meter by pressing just one button. Functions 1 and 2 individually display the total water consumption, e.g. per day and per season, while function 3 displays the exact water consumption per irrigation and function 4 gives you an insight into the flow rate in liters or gallons per minute. The display is rotatable, so you can easily read it in any position. Operating the sprinkler is also easy. Place it on the lawn and use the slider to set the range, which is smoothly adjustable between 7 and 17 meters. The garden sprinkler reaches a maximum of 13 meters in width. The water connection contains a stainless and removable metal filter, which prevents dirt particles from clogging the Oscillating Sprinkler. To clean the spray nozzles from any limescale build-up, you use the included cleaning needle, which is located in the twist cap of the sprinkler. The device is made of high-quality materials. In addition, it is robust, frost-proof and UV-resistant, making it weatherproof. GARDENA gives you a five-year warranty on the Oscillating Sprinkler AquaCount. AquaCount: Watering gardens with measured care.

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