Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth®

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The Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth® from GARDENA makes watering your garden automatic, wireless and therefore extremely convenient. The Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth® is simply ideal if you want to automatically control your irrigation system as a larger Sprinklersystem installation in your garden, especially in places without a mains connection. This allows the valves to be positioned in various places around the garden. Your tablet or smartphone with iOS or Android and the free GARDENA Bluetooth® App becomes a practical remote control. If, for example, your garden watering is divided into different areas, you can now control and operate these individually within a radius of 10 metres freely and without a mains connection or cables thanks to the connection via Bluetooth®. A Scheduling Assistant asks you several questions and then suggests the ideal watering combination for you. You can customise your watering schedule with up to six schedules by setting the start time, the duration of watering or specific days of the week when your plants are supplied with water. If required, you can even set a rain break. This way you can ensure that your garden is not watered unnecessarily during a rainy week. This is good for your plants and saves water. The control element has a clearly visible button with which you can start and stop watering manually. The desired watering duration can be set in the GARDENA Bluetooth® App. In addition, the separately available GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor can be connected for water-saving irrigation according to requirements. There is a 1" female thread on the valve for easy installation onto a separately available valve box. The Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth® requires a 9 V alkaline battery, which ensures reliable operation for at least one gardening season and makes operation completely wireless and independent from a power supply. The valve design is flow-optimised for minimum water pressure loss. The Bluetooth® control unit offers practical status LEDs that inform you about the Bluetooth® connection, the battery level and the current irrigation status.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)