Hose Trolley 70 roll-up

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With the GARDENA Comfort Hose Trolley 70 roll-up, watering your garden is totally easy, because you simply take the trolley with you into the garden. If you pull the trolley into the garden, the hose is automatically unwound and tidily laid out .With pushing it's the same: when the trolley is pushed back, the hose automatically and evenly winds back up again. No more troublesome cranking for winding or unwinding a hose in a bended position. The Hose Trolley does it all for you. And your hands stay clean because the hose does not need to be manually fed during wind-up. It rolls up evenly and tidily by itself. Through the holder on the handle, the upper part of the watering hose can be conveniently placed or wound around the holder. This prevents additional bending as you can easily remove the hose end from the holder. Thanks to the angled hose connector inside the reel, the hose is not kinked and full water flow is guaranteed. A swivel axle prevents the hose from turning when winding or unwinding. An integrated drip stop prevents water spill after use or during transport. The GARDENA Comfort Hose Trolley 70 roll-up fits maximum 70 metres of a 13 mm (1/2") hose, 55 metres of a 15 mm (5/8") hose or 35 metres of a 19 mm (3/4") hose. Without bending over and manual winding and unwinding of the hose, watering the garden is more convenient than ever.

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