Garden Hose Box RollUp M, 20m

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The Garden Hose Box RollUp M from GARDENA not only ensures safe and space-saving storage of your garden hose, but you will be thrilled how effortless watering your medium-sized garden can be. The practical Garden Hose Box is anchored in the ground using sturdy stand at a location of your choice in a flowerbed or on the lawn. With the help of a mounting rod you can screw the metal spike into the ground even easier. For use, simply pull out the 20-metre-long water hose to the desired length and you can start watering immediately. Thanks to the built-in short locking points, handling the garden hose has never been so simple: as soon as you stop with the hose, the locking device automatically engages at the desired extension length. The innovative design can be swivelled through 360°, ensuring maximum flexibility for garden irrigation. The box always follows your movements, so you can easily reach every corner of your garden without the garden hose kinking or tangling. In addition, this hose box saves you from tiresome cranking, rolling up and dirty hands: A short pull on the end of the hose releases the lock and an integrated steel spring rolls the garden hose back in fully automatically and reliably. The box has a practical hose guide that keeps the hose on track so that no blockages or knots occur. The innovative RollControl technology ensures safe, controlled and effortless retraction with zero tangles. The high quality material is protected by both UV and frost protection and offers a long service life and usability without maintenance. The box is particularly compact and stylishly designed so that it can be easily integrated into any garden. In addition, it is adjusted to the height of the GARDENA Mowing Robots so that the lawn around the Hose Box is always maintained and mowed. Included with the Garden Hose Box is a flexible connecting hose, all necessary assembly parts and Original GARDENA System elements as well as a sprayer with two different spray patterns. GARDENA gives a five-year warranty on the Garden Hose Box RollUp M. Watering that’s always ready for action.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)