EcoLine Watering Sprayer

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The GARDENA EcoLine Watering Sprayer is ideal for watering your potted plants and flower beds thanks to its gentle spray. The EcoLine Watering Sprayer's plastic components are made from at least 65 percent recycled household waste. The corrosion-resistant metal, consisting of more than 45 percent recycled material, ensures durability and a long product lifespan. This makes it a sustainable solution for watering your garden. Not only comfortable and easy to use, the Watering Sprayer also shines with its timeless and elegant design. The EcoLine Watering Sprayer's handle is ergonomically shaped, providing comfort and the ease of use when tending your garden. Your hand is given a break while watering with the help of the simple locking function. The amount of water can be smoothly adjusted with one hand. This makes watering your plants even easier and they get exactly the right amount of water they need, without wasting a drop. The EcoLine Watering Sprayer is UV and frost resistant, it does not have to be put away in bad weather or cold, but can be left outside all year round. The sprayer is made in Germany and is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty from GARDENA. A natural choice for passionate gardeners. ReTh!nk - The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.

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