Comfort Hose Trolley easyRoll

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The GARDENA Comfort Hose Trolley easyRoll is equipped with the 20 m Classic SkinTech Hose (1/2"), the infinitely Adjustable Spray Nozzle Plus (Art. No. 2041), three Standard Hose Connectors (Art. No. 915), one Water Stop (Art. No. 913) and Tap Connectors with various thread sizes. You have everything you need for gapless connection from tap to hose, to nozzle. Especially practical is the hose guide above the reel. It ensures that the hose is rolled up evenly. As you only move the crank on the Hose Reel, your hands remain clean. A swivel axle prevents the hose from turning when winding or unwinding. The large wheels allow easy guiding, also over uneven ground. On the height-adjustable holder, a nozzle, sprayer or spray lance can be secured. Various devices are then readily accessible for watering different flower beds. An integrated drip stop prevents water spill after use or during transport. Thanks to the angled hose connector inside the reel, the hose is not kinked and full water flow is guaranteed. Convenient watering without dirty hands can be so easy.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)