Turbotrimmer ProCut 1000

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The GARDENA Turbotrimmer ProCut 1000 is a powerful trimmer that is excellently suited for trimming large areas with strong grass, weeds and rank growth. Its ergonomics render the Turbotrimmer especially comfortable; longer work can be carried out without problems. This is further supported by the balanced weight distribution. The comfortable two-handed operation of the special, height-adjustable handle allows secure guidance. The supplied shoulder strap allows easy carrying. After use, the handle can be easily folded away, thereby allowing space-saving storage. Thanks to the extra-large switch, the trimmer can be effortlessly operated. The trimmer has a powerful 2-string cutting system; its filament feed can be controlled using the tip mechanism. Changing filament cassettes is especially easy. For fitting the hood, no tools are necessary. The cable relief allows reliable cable support and guidance. The integrated safety switch prevents the Turbotrimmer from being accidently activated. With a motor power of 1000 W, the cutting diameter of the trimmer is 350 mm. The filament is 2 mm in width and 2 x 3 m in length.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)