Turbotrimmer EasyCut 400

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The GARDENA Turbotrimmer EasyCut 400 is a light and convenient trimmer that is particularly well suited for longer lawn edges and hard-to-access areas. The extra-large switch allows effortless operation. The extra-long and adjustable additional handle allows easy guidance of the trimmer. The handle is rotatable and, with the according adjustment, overhanging edges can be trimmed without problems. For more comfort at work, the telescopic handle can be adjusted to the individual body height. The handle-angle adjustment on the head of the trimmer facilitates work in hard-to-access areas, e.g. under benches. If trimming is done close to beds and flowerbeds, a plant guard can be unfolded for protecting the flowers. Through the tip mechanism, the filament feed can be controlled. Changing filament cassettes is especially easy. The filament catcher also provides additional protection. The safety switch protects against accidental operation. The cable relief allows reliable cable support and guidance. For fitting the hood, no tools are necessary. For easy guidance of the trimmer, the Additional Wheel (Art. No. 5310-20) is recommended. With a motor power of 400 W, the cutting diameter of the trimmer is 250 mm. The filament is 1.6 mm in width and 6 m in length.

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