Accu Lawn Cutter TwinCut

08830-20-S-002-36cm Download image
The GARDENA Accu Lawn Cutter TwinCut allows cable-free and powerful cutting of smaller lawns and lawn edges. Through the cutting width of 20 cm, efficient work is guaranteed. The quality blades are precision-ground and non-stick coated. The large wheels allow comfortable guidance on the grass. Equipped with a telescopic handle, easy cutting in an upright position is possible. The telescopic handle is infinitely adjustable from 85 to 120 cm and allows optimal adjustment to body height and application. The additional handle is rotatable through 360° and allows comfortable and ergonomic work. The Lawn Cutter can be flexibly used both with and without a handle. The swivellable comfort handle allows pleasant handling through optimal adjustment to the natural hand position. The high power gives best cutting results. Thanks to the high-performance, easy-care lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, powerful and easy work is possible. Battery charger and high-quality blade protection are included.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)