Robotic lawnmower R160

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The innovative GARDENA robotic mower R160 does your mowing for you: it mows the lawn on its own, while you enjoy your free time or do other things. Thanks to its free and natural movement, the R160 mows a lawn area up to a maximum of 1.600 m² – effectively, reliably and without wheel ruts. Always resulting an excellently cared-for lawn. When required, the robotic mower recharges itself at the charging station. Its easy-to-place boundary wire shows the R160 where to mow. It repeatedly cuts grass tips with razor-sharp blades; grass clippings remain on the lawn as a natural fertiliser (mulch principle). A skid plate is ensuring a better protection of the blades in rough circumstances. The cutting height of 2 to 6 cm can be easily set with a rotary knob. With a weight of eleven kilograms, the robust robotic mower tackles inclines up to 35 %. Large course-treaded wheels provide excellent traction even if the surface is slippery. Programming is simple and quick. Different mowing times or days can be set on the large selection panel and display. Following the menu is easy and intuitive. After programming, the R160 starts on its own at the set times, even when it rains. The powerful and easy-care Nickel-Metalhydrid 18V, 2,2 Ah battery ensures reliable and energy-saving operation. The R160 also works very quietly and without emissions. Highly sensitive collision sensors and the boundary wire help the R160 to avoid obstacles in the garden. Lift and tilt sensors, and a large space between the housing and blades, guarantee additional safety for people and animals. For example, when the mower is lifted, the blades immediately stop and thereby prevent injuries. The robotic mower can also be stopped at any time with the large, easy-to-access stop button. R160Li is flexible and therefore well suited for nearly any garden type. For secondary areas, it has 3 remote start points which guarantee a even cut even in complex lawn structures. The Tripplesearch function ensures that the mower quickly finds its way back to the charging station - even in very large gardens. The robotic mower is supplied with a charging station, a power cable, boundary wire, staples, spare blades, couplers and connectors.

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