Погружные насосы

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For deep drilled- or driven wells with narrow diameters as of 10 cm, the Deep Well Pump 5500 inox inox is just the right product. It pumps water from up to 20 metres depth – even when submerged long-term - e.g. for irrigation of your garden. The stainless steel housing allows long-term and safe operation under water. Only robust and high-quality materials are used. The filter – also made of stainless steel – prevents the entry of impurities into the pump. In addition, a foot can be mounted which, through the higher level and particularly in the case of cisterns, significantly reduces the suctioning of debris and sand on the ground. A thermal overload switch protects the low-noise and maintenance-free capacitor motor against overload.An energy-saving motor powerfully pumps the water through a 6-stage feed impeller efficiently and quietly from up to 20 metres depth. Practical: thanks to a 22-metre-long connecting cable, the pump is quickly installed, and with a supplied fastening rope, can be easily submerged or drawn back up if required.