GARDENA Premium Electronic Pressure Pump 6000/5 inox LCD

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Why not use free rain- or well water for your garden, or for the toilet or washing machine in the home? The compact GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pump 6000/5 inox LCD is excellently suited for mobile and stationary use – wherever you need it. In operation, the premium model is extremely quiet: the water flows through a 4-stage feed impeller thereby significantly reducing noise. The stainless steel pump housing joins convenience and a long life. A number of integrated functions render the Electronic Pressure Pump long-life, convenient and safe in operation. With the practical LCD display you have full control over e.g. pressure and delivery quantity, which are shown on the clear display of the pump. In addition, the LC display on the pump warns of frost and informs of potential faults. An Electronic Manometric Switch automatically activates the Electronic Pressure Pump when water is required and then switches it off afterward. A dry-running safety prevents damage to the pump in the absence of pumping media. To prevent impurities and sand from entering the pump and causing faults, a large-volume filter is integrated in the Electronic Pressure Pump. Practical, as an external pre-filter is then not necessary. A backflow-preventer prevents dry-running of the hose after a break or when the pump has been taken out of operation. Another advantage: through the remaining water in the hose, the re-suction time when re-starting is significantly shortened. Only high-quality materials are used for the pump, thereby guaranteeing powerful yet low-noise operation. A maintenance-free capacitor motor with thermal protection switch efficiently and quietly pumps the water through a 4-stage feed impeller via pressure. For easy handling, a large filling opening facilitates filling of the pump before operation. Rubber feet ensure stable standing and low-vibration, noise-dampened operation. And thanks to the double outlets – one of which is swivellable – the simultaneous operation of two connecting devices is possible. In the case of impending frost, the Electronic Pressure Pump can be easily emptied using a drain screw. GARDENA thinks of everything.

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