Dirty Water Pump 20000 Aquasensor

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GARDENA, the leading brand for high-quality and innovative home and garden equipment in Germany and throughout Europe, introduces the submersible Dirty Water Pump 20000 Aquasensor, a submersible pump with numerous innovations. No matter if you want to pump out and clean your garden pond, drain a waterlogged construction pit of dirty water or empty and dry out your soggy cellar after a flood—this modern pump performs excellent work in many different areas. This pump deliver high performance with low energy consumption, the motor’s 750 W output means this energy-saving drainage pump is extremely powerful. With a pressure of 0.9 bar and a delivery head of 9 m, it can pump 20000 litres of dirty water per hour and is particularly efficient. Dirt particles contained in the water can be dealt with up to a size of 35 mm. While all submersible dirty water pumps from GARDENA naturally offer impressive performance and efficiency, this model goes one step further with the help of the digital Aquasensor. This technology has innovative functionality making pumping out even easier and more intuitive. The Aquasensor can measure the water level without having direct contact with the water. The determined height is indicated by practical LEDs and the Aquasensor will guide the pump to maintain your required water level. You won’t know how you lived without the contamination indicator and the dry run protection before, it avoids any malfunctions reliably. Furthermore, it offers a practical 10 min. timer function, and intuitive operation via touch panel. These self-protective technologies along with quality manufacturing and design, such as the long-lasting ceramic shaft system with triple sealing mean GARDENA provides a durable and reliable pump. In addition, it can be used in narrow channels and other hard-to-reach places without any problems. This pump is impressively versatile in other respects. Hoses with a diameter of 32 mm (1 ¼"), 38 mm (1 ½") or 50 mm (2") can be connected without any additional accessories thanks to the new, easy GARDENA hose connection system, the hose can be attached simply with just one click. In combination with a G1 ½" thread, you have even more options. Whether after heavy storms, flooding or burst pipes in the cellar—you will definitely not want to do without the submersible Dirty Water Pump 20000 Aquasensor from GARDENA. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps and benefit from GARDENA's 40 years' of drainage, irrigation and domestic pump expertise.

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