Dirty Water Submersible Pump 10500 BASIC

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The GARDENA Dirty Water Submersible Pump 10500 BASIC is a powerful pump for tough and mucky jobs. A high performance and low power consumption pump perfect for draining, transferring and pumping out dirty water. If you’re looking for a value-for-money and reliable dirty water submersible pump this is a great choice. Reliable quality paired with durability are the ideal pumping team. That’s why premium durability is provided with this pump’s self-protective technologies, including a thermal protection switch to stop the motor overheating. The pump has a hardened stainless steel shaft for a long mechanical durability. The GARDENA Dirty Water Submersible Pump 10500 BASIC is a small, compact pump which is designed for use with ponds, to dry wells, soakaways, construction pits, rainwater butts and flooded cellars. It’s engineered to deal with dirty water containing dirt and grit particles up to 25mm in size. The 400W motor has the strength to deal with up to 10500 litres of dirty water per hour. Equipped with an adjustable float switch with connection option for continuous on function, which prevents dry running and ensures that your pump runs automatically and safely. It has a practical carry handle meaning you can easily transport the pump to where the next tough and muddy pumping job is. The pump is great for use draining ponds or construction pits, enabling you to siphon mucky water away efficiently and quickly from where it’s not wanted. The pump can be used at a maximum submersion depth of 6 meters, meaning you can delve deep down to the depth of the problem. It is possible to lift the water up to 5m above the water level. This practical, multi-purpose submersible pump is not only for outdoor use, but it will also sort out any tricky household floods too, no need to worry about a flooded cellar or basement again. The GARDENA Dirty Water Submersible Pump 10500 BASIC is a wise choice for a cost-effective pump to deal with occasional pumping chores. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps and more than 40 years’ expertise in drainage, irrigation, and domestic use.

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