Clear/Dirty Water Pump 19500 Aquasensor

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GARDENA, Europe's leading brand for high-quality and up-to-date gardening tools and accessories, presents the Clear/Dirty Water Pump 19500 Aquasensor, a new generation of high performance and low energy consumption submersible pumps. Whether you want to pump out and clean your garden pond, empty a construction trench filled with rainwater or clean your basement after a flood or burst pipe—with this innovative combination pump you can feel the power of GARDENA pumps and easily pump out and transfer both clear and dirty water. Its motor has an output of 860 W, providing an impressive pumping capacity of 19500 litres of water per hour. With a pressure of 1.0 bar and a maximum delivery height of 10 m, this hybrid pump is particularly efficient. The flat suction of the clear water mode can remove clean or only slightly dirty water down to 1 mm, meaning a cellar floor can easily be wiped dry afterwards. In the case of murky water containing dirt particles with a particle size of up to 35 mm, the 2in1 submersible pump simply becomes a dirty water submersible pump by switching the operating mode. This is ideal for draining a waterlogged construction pit with coarse dirt particles in the water among many other wastewater pumping chores. It's amazingly simple to switch between the clear and dirty water modes, you'll have absolutely no problems with getting your hands dirty or accidently soaking your shoes. Thanks to its intelligent, not to mention sleak design, and high-quality manufacturing, the Clear/Dirty Water Pump 19500 Aquasensor from GARDENA remains leak-proof at all times and keeps hands and clothing clean and dry. The long-lasting ceramic shaft system has triple sealing for extra durability. A further innovative highlight of the pump is the LED Aquasensor system, which can intelligently maintain your required water level. The Aquasensor enables the combi-pump to work in narrow shafts and offers precisely adjustable switch-on and switch-off heights. The water can be measured without direct contact with the sensor and displayed via practical LEDs on the device. Furthermore, the Aquasensor offers intuitive touch operation, dry-run and blockage protection as well as helpful timer functions. Even more helpful is the new easy click hose connection system. Hoses with a diameter of 32 mm (1 ¼"), 38 mm (1 ½") and 50 mm (2") can be connected just by a click. The connection with an optional G1 ½" thread enables a wider range of connection possibilities. This makes this submersible clear water / dirty water pump particularly impressive, not only in its appearance, but above all in its functionality, making it ideal for all home and garden owners with high expectations. You can place your trust in GARDENA's 40 years of expertise in irrigation, drainage and domestic usage pumps. As a further sign of quality we offer a 5-year warranty with all our pumps, just register the product online. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps!

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