Clear/Dirty Water Pump 15000

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Do you live in a house with a basement, have a garden with a pond or swimming pool or need to deal with a flooded construction pit? Can't decide whether a clear water or a submersible dirty water pump would be the best choice for you? Then why not simply discover the best of both worlds for yourself? Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with the Clear/Dirty Water Pump 15000 from GARDENA. The leading brand for modern and high-quality garden accessories throughout Europe presents an innovative 2in1 pump which combines the functions of both clear and dirty water pump variations. This not only offers the possibility of flat suction of clear water, but also pumping out dirty water. It's remarkably simple to switch between clear water and dirty water mode, meaning you don't get your hands messy or accidently splash your clothing. The pump’s 550 W motor offers an effective pumping capacity of 15000 litres of water per hour. With a pressure of 0.7 bar and a maximum delivery height of 7 m the 2in1 pump is particularly efficient. This high performance and low energy consumption submersible pump is therefore ideal for numerous applications in and around your home and garden. For example, if the laundry room fills up with relatively clear water after a burst pipe or flood, the clear water mode can be used. The flat suction system works down to a water depth of just 1 mm. By switching the operating mode, the hybrid pump becomes a submersible dirty water pump in no time at all and provides a wide range of useful functions and advantages. Whether for draining a waterlogged construction pit or pumping out your dirty garden pond—up to a dirt particle size of 35 mm, the dirty water mode of this innovative submersible pump can show you what it is capable of. Thanks to high-quality materials with stainless steel elements, a long-lasting ceramic shaft system with excellent triple sealing, it’s a long lasting and reliable device. The practical operation of the 2in1 pump on the carry handle makes it even more user-friendly. The Clear/Dirty Water Pump 15000 from GARDENA is easy to operate, as well as being extremely versatile in terms of hose connections. It allows the quick and easy connection of hoses with a diameter of 25 mm (1"), 32 mm (1 ¼") and 38 mm (1 ½") further possibilities are available by connection with a G1" or G1 ½" thread. Hoses can be easily attached with just one click thanks to GARDENA's clever connection mechanism. This makes it ideal for all home and garden owners who place great value on maximum flexibility or are not yet sure whether they are looking for a pump for clear water or dirty water. This stylish hybrid pump simply takes this decision off your hands and offers you the advantages of both functions. You can place your trust in GARDENA's over 40 years of expertise in irrigation, drainage and domestic usage pumps. GARDENA offers a 5-year warranty with all pumps, just register online and feel the power of GARDENA pumps!

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