Clear Water Pump 11000

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Whether in the cellar or in your own garden—sometimes water gets where you don’t want it, then it's time to feel the power of GARDENA pumps. The Clear Water Pump 11000 from GARDENA is the ideal pump for such cases and many more. The powerful and highly efficient submersible pump can be used wherever clear or only slightly contaminated water needs to be pumped out. This high performance, low energy consumption submersible pump is ideal for many applications. The motor delivers an output of 450 W with a maximum pressure of 0.7 bar and a delivery height of up to 7 m, up to 11000 litres of water per hour can be pumped. It provides a flat suction up to 2 mm, which can be conveniently reached by the continuous on function for the adjustable floating switch. This allows almost all the unwanted water to be removed from a flooded room. The floor can then be simply wiped dry. After pumping, the clear water submersible pump can be easily cleaned and, thanks to its practical handle, transported and stored. The pump has maximum durability with self-protective technology such as the ceramic shaft system with triple seal to effectively protect the motor against leaking water. The energy-saving pump has various connection options, enabling it to be used with different hose diameters. As standard, the Clean Water Pump 11000 can be connected to hoses with a diameter of 25 mm (1") or 38 mm (1 ½") with GARDENA's new easy hose connection system. The submersible pump offers even more possibilities in combination with a G1" thread. Whether in the laundry room, for water barrels, in the swimming pool or as a drainage pump for groundwater—this stylish pump with stainless steel elements will impress you with its performance, outstanding efficiency and top versatility. With more than 40 years expertise in drainage, irrigation and domestic use pumps GARDENA is the brand for you. As a sign of this high-quality and lasting durability GARDENA offers a 5-year extended warranty with this product after product registration.

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