Clear Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor

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The Clear Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor from GARDENA, Europe's leading brand for high-quality gardening tools, with over 40 years' expertise in drainage, irrigation and domestic use pumps. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps with this extremely powerful and efficient submersible pump with numerous innovative features. Your cellar was flooded due to upcoming ground water or a leaking washing machine? The rainwater barrels still have to be pumped out before winter? Are you looking for an efficient drainage pump to empty your swimming pool? Either in these specific cases or in numerous other possible scenarios, this energy-saving and particularly powerful pump will prove to be an essential addition to your household and garden toolbox. The Clear Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor has an output of 750 W and pumps up to 17000 litres of clear or slightly contaminated water per hour at a pressure of 0.9 bar and a maximum delivery height of up to 9 m. With a flat suction of just 1 mm your floor will be left with a easy to wipe dry result. This really is a high performance and low energy consumption pump. What truly makes the Clear Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor stand out from the regular clear water submersible pumps from GARDENA is the modern and innovative features provided by the digital LED Aquasensor. This innovation allows use in narrow shafts and the switch-on and switch-off heights of the pump can be precisely adjusted with touch control. For example, it can start running automatically from a water level of just 5 mm—ideal for protecting cellars from flooding. The Aquasensor measures the current water level without direct contact and displays the value using easy to read LEDs. A useful timer function and intuitive touch operation are also included. The Aquasensor eliminates the risk of dry-running, protecting the pump from potential damage. But it is not only the inner workings and self-protective technologies of the Clear Water Pump 17000 Aquasensor from GARDENA that will impress you. The external casing is top-notch in terms of durability and design. The stainless steel cover not only looks good but also effectively protects the pump from external damage. The motor shaft has a ceramic coating with triple sealing including oil chamber for even more durability. Furthermore, the submersible pump has an equally helpful built-in function for maximum flow rate or stopping dry-running. The easy to use flow boost feet can lift up the pump, if flat suction is not needed to boost the pump performance. Of course, various hoses of different sizes can be connected to the pump thanks to the new, easy GARDENA hose connection system. This makes the use of this pump even more versatile and easy. The Clear Water Pump 17000 with innovative Aquasensor from GARDENA is functional, intuitive and easy to operate.

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