Battery Rainwater Tank Pump 2000/2 18V P4A Ready-To-Use Set

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Watering your garden with soft rainwater not only saves money, it’s also the best possible option for both plants and the environment. But who wants to lug watering cans around? You don’t have to! With the GARDENA BatteryRainwater Tank Pump 2000/2 18V P4A, you need neither strength nor time for watering, because it pumps the water straight from the barrel – even in places without electricity.If you combine the pump with a GARDENA nozzle, spray gun or sprinkler, such as the AquaZoom square sprinkler, your shrubs, flowers and lawn will get exactly the gentle shower they thrive on. The pump’s aluminium telescopic tube can be adjusted to the height of the rain barrel. The barrel pump has a delivery capacity of 2,000 litres per hour and a maximum pressure of 2.0 bar. With the control valve, the pump’s water flow can be adjusted as required – even drip irrigation is possible. The timer allows you to select how long the pump should run. It then switches itself off automatically. And what if the rain barrel is already empty? Not a problem: The dry-running feature protects the pump from damage. A pre-filter is also integrated to keep dirt out. It can be easily removed and cleaned. The pump housing is robust and durable, as are all other components of the water tank pump. This is why we offer a five-year warranty when you register your purchase online.Of course, the garden pump can not only be used in rainwater tanks, but also for all other pumping tasks. The Rainwater Tank Pump 2000/2 is supplied as a Ready-To-Use Set with a charger and a 18V POWER FOR ALL battery with a running time of 18 to 65 minutes – depending on the selected mode. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers worldwide. This means that the battery is compatible with many other devices around the home and garden – so that you no longer need to buy one for every product. You save money while remaining flexible! Passion powered by GARDENA – Battery garden equipment that gives you the freedom to create.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)