Petrol-Driven Lawnmower 46 VD

04046-20-S-001-28cm Download image
The GARDENA Petrol-Driven Lawnmower 46 VD is equipped with the Briggs & Stratton quality motor, as well as an integrated cutting and collecting system for a reliable and powerful lawn cut. The variable rear-wheel drive allows easy and tire-free mowing of larger areas or on uneven ground. You can flexibly use the lawnmower either with the Grass Catcher or as a mulcher. When you mow with the mulch unit, the lawn cuttings are finely chopped and evenly distributed over the lawn, thereby acting as a natural fertiliser. The desired cutting height can be easily adjusted and read on a scale. The GARDENA Petrol-Driven Lawnmower is equipped with many comfort elements that render it easier and more pleasant for work. For example, a cleaning function is integrated with a water connection with which the cutting deck can be easily cleaned using the Original GARDENA System. An ergonomic cockpit with rubber handles allows tire-free work and easy guiding of the lawnmower. Ball-bearing-held wheels with special tread allow smooth and easy pushing on the grass and greater guiding comfort. Practical: after work, the lawnmower can be folded up with folding handle, thereby saving space in storage.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)