Electric Cylinder Lawnmower 380 EC

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With the GARDENA Electric Cylinder Lawnmower, you will easily and quickly achieve your English lawn up to 500 m² area. The principle is simple: as you push, the cutting cylinder and bottom blade move without contact. Similar as to with scissors, the blade of grass is taken up and cut. The special feature: the cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch and thereby allow pleasant and low-noise work. The hardened, non-stick-coated cutting cylinder made of quality steel and the ground bottom blade guarantee a clean and precise cut for excellent lawn care. The Electric Cylinder Lawnmower is powered by a powerful electric motor with 400 V. And should there be no electrical socket nearby, it can be used as a hand lawnmower. The GARDENA Electric Cylinder Lawnmower is equipped with many comfort elements that render your work easier and more pleasant. It has extra-large wheels with special tread and soft plastic components, an ergonomically formed handle and a folding handle for space-saving storage. Through a handy controller, the desired cutting height can be simply set.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)