Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ 32/36V P4A Ready-To-Use Set

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Lounger or lawnmower? During the warm months, the decision will be a lot easier for you if mowing is no longer a tedious task. All the more so if you know that you will be able to enjoy a perfectly mown lawn afterwards. The manoeuvrable, powerful GARDENA PowerMax™ 32/36V P4A (2 x 18V) is the perfect battery-powered lawnmower for areas up to 200 square metres. The specially hardened blade ensures excellent cutting results. The working width is 32 centimetres. The cutting height can be easily adjusted to ten different levels thanks to QuickFit – simply press and turn. Lawn combs on the sides of the housing ensure that no unsightly tufts of grass are left standing, even along walls and curbs. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped ErgoTec handle with switches on both sides, your hands are always in a relaxed working position. So you can push the mower for longer periods of time without them getting tired. A clearly visible LED indicator on the device shows the current battery charge level. The practical CnC (Cut and Collect) system ensures that the grass is cut and collected efficiently. Due to the guided air circulation and ideal position of the catcher, an above-average amount of clippings fits into the mowing catcher, so you rarely need to empty it and therefore save precious time. The holding bar is foldable. This means that the unit is easy to transport and can be stored in a space-saving manner. The Battery Lawnmower PowerMax™ 32/36V P4A is supplied as a Ready-To-Use Set with a quick-charger and two 2.5 Ah 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries. The POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is one of the largest cross-brand battery alliances of leading manufacturers. This means that the batteries are compatible with numerous other devices around the house and garden – so you no longer need to buy one for every product. You save money and remain flexible! Passion powered by GARDENA – Battery garden equipment that gives you the freedom to create.

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