Electric Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48

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The convenient GARDENA Electric Hedge Trimmer HighCut 48 is excellently suited for easy and convenient cutting of high hedges from a safe standing position on the ground. Thanks to the telescopic unit, the hedge trimmer can be easily extended to up to 2 metres for a range of approx. 3 metres. A tiltable head allows both the cutting of high hedgetops and groundcover. Thanks to the innovative blade unit - rotatable by 90° - you will always stand in an ideal cutting position next to the hedge – without changing the position of the hands. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the hedge trimmer lies well and safely in the hand in every cutting situation. This guarantees effortless and pleasant work. New blade geometries and laser-cut precision blades hold the items to be cut and ensure an efficient, fast, clean cut. Slipping of the cut material and troublesome cutting of remaining hedge rests is significantly reduced. Thanks to the large blade opening, even thicker branches in the hedges are no problem. For strong and continuous cutting in one stroke - without troublesome blockages and interruptions - the Electric Hedge Trimmer is equipped with a high-performance and powerful motor. Your safety is important to GARDENA. The blade protector at the end of the blade protects the user from kickback when cutting close to the ground and protects the blade against damage. A cable relief prevents unintentional detachment of the extension cable.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)