Electric Chainsaw CST 3518

08860-20-S-001-27cm Download image
The GARDENA Electric Chainsaw CST 3518 is a robust and powerful chainsaw. Through the optimal weight distribution, it lies safely and ergonomically in the hand. Chain tensioning is easy and tool-free. In just a few steps, the chain is tensioned: 1. Release bar securement, 2. Tension chain and 3. Re-secure bar – finished. For safe operation, there is the "Quick-stop" function. This ensures that the chain stops within 0.15 seconds, thereby preventing injury through the still-operating chain. The GARDENA Chainsaw CST 3518 is equipped with a wrap-around handle with soft components so that you can hold the chainsaw safely and securely in any cutting position. So that your chainsaw will be ready to use, we supply the oil for the first use. Practical: through a viewing window, the oil level can be easily and quickly controlled.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)