UV Multi-Chamber Filter Set CF 5000 S

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The GARDENA UV Multi-Chamber Filter Set CF 5000 S is a complete offer with a Pond Filter, a 7 W UV light, a filter pump with a rated power of 25 W, and all connection fittings. With the effective 6-phase cleaning, the set allows effortless clear water.1. Phase: The integrated UV light reduces algae growth and combats germs. 2. Phase: The Japanese mat serves to calm the water and removes coarse dirt.3. Phase: Dividing compartments in the UV Multi-Chamber Filter allow ideal current guiding and speed.4. and 5. Phase: Through the coarse- and fine filter sponge, the water is biologically-mechanically purified.6. Phase: Through the bio-surface elements, the pond water is biologically purified.The comprehensive filter material and the special current guidance allow intensive biological and mechanical pond water purification. The set also includes a 3-metre-long 3/4" connecting hose. The UV Multi-Chamber Filter Set is suitable for a pond size of up to 5,000 litres. The maximum delivery capacity of the filter pump is 1,500 litres per hour, the maximum delivery head 1.9 metres. The set is suitable for use outside of the pond.

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