Pond Silt Remover SR 1600

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The GARDENA Pond Silt Remover SR 1600 allows easy removal of coarse dirt particles, thread algae, silt, leaves and decaying plant residues from the garden pond. The Pond Silt Remover can also be used as a suction pump for wet and dry applications indoors and outdoors, e.g. for the household, pool, patio or garage. The fully automatic interval switch allows effortless work. Optional manual on-/off switched operation is also possible. The Pond Silt Remover has four adapter nozzles. The bottom nozzle allows the suctioning of pond silt; the joints nozzle cleans narrow areas; the thread algae nozzle removes algae; and the wide nozzle with rubber lip is suitable for suctioning pools of water. Thanks to the clear-view suction pipe, control of the function and dirt throughput is especially easy. The fine filter bag allows collection of silt and coarse dirt particles, your valuable pond water is not lost. With a motor power of 1,400 W, the maximum self-priming suction height is 1.6 metres. The Suction Hose is 4 metres and the Discharge Hose is 2 metres long. The warranty period is 2 years.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)