LED Source Stone Lighting SL 32 blue

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Thanks to the luminous ring of the GARDENA LED Source Stone Lighting SL 32 Blue, fountains in source stones can shine in atmospheric, lightly bluish light. The LED technology (6 x 0.1 W LEDs) is especially light-intensive, longlife and energy-saving. The entire light unit is nickel-plated, has glossy finish and is weather-resistant. This renders it very robust and longlife. Through the induction technology, the LEDs can be exchanged against other colours without great assembly effort. The Source Stone Lighting has a diameter of 30 mm and is supplied with 6 blue LEDs and a 12 V safety plug-in transformer with an output of 10 W. The cable length is 10 metres. You can light source stones that are more distanced from the mains. The hose connection of the Source Stone Lighting is designed for 3/4" hoses.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)