Filter/Stream Pump FSP 16000 Economic

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The GARDENA Filter-/Stream Pump FSP 16000 Economic is an energy-efficient, reliable pump for powerful continuous operation. Compared to the earlier technology, it saves up to 40 % electricity. Excellent and innovative is the Automatic Energy Control Function: through this additional function, the pump automatically reduces or increases the water to be pumped depending on the weather and to the optimal water quantity to be filtered. You could not operate your Pond Filter more efficiently. This allows a reduction in energy up to a further 20 %. This function can also be switched off during use of the pump, e.g. for a stream. Furthermore, the pump can be left in the pond during the winter thanks to the innovative frost protection technology. Further advantages: the low-wear motor technology and the motor overload protection guarantee a long life of the pump. It is equipped with a flow-optimised impeller for maximum pumping capacity and delivery of coarse dirt up to 8 mm particle diameter. The universal hose connection is suitable for 25 mm (1"), 32 mm (1 1/4") and 39 mm (1 1/2") hoses. The rated power is 170 W. The cable of the pump is 10 metres long. The GARDENA Filter-/Stream Pump has a warranty of 3 years and is an element of the clear water warranty.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)