Comfort Pruning Lopper 780 BL

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The GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper 780 BL is a somewhat shorter variation of the model 870 BL. With a total length of 780 mm and precision-ground blades, the lopper offers an especially clean and gentle cut of branches with a diameter of up to approx. 42 mm. The oval aluminium handles guarantee high stability with a low weight and thereby easy and precise handling. The Pruning Lopper is non-stick coated, thereby allowing both easy cutting of the branches and easy cleaning. At the same time, the coating protects against rust. In addition, and for a particularly powerful cut, the Comfort Pruning Loppers are equipped with a geared transmission that achieves greater cutting power with the same amount of effort. Safety and comfort are guaranteed in a number of ways: first through handles with special grips, and then through two non-slip end stops. Double end stops are gentle on the wrists. GARDENA offers a warranty of 25 years for this lopper.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)