Combisystem Pond Net Vario 2

03230-20-S-004-15cm Download image
The GARDENA combisystem Pond Net Vario 2 integrates two functions: the wide-meshed net serves the fishing of coarse dirt particles; the fine-meshed net serves the skimming of insects and finer dirt from the pond surface. Depending on the situation, you can easily mount the desired net. The holder of the Pond Net can be swivelled in fine stages. You can adjust your optimal work angle. The nets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. As the Pond Net is made of rust- and corrosion-proof materials, it is especially longlife. The Pond Net is suitable for all combisystem Aluminium or Telescopic Handles. This renders work easy and pleasant. With the Telescopic Handle, you can also work from greater distances. The warranty period is 25 years. For easy, manual cleaning of your garden pond.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)