Combisystem Pond and Garden Secateurs Vario

03232-20-S-002-15cm Download image
The GARDENA combisystem Pond and Garden Secateurs Vario with effort-saving block and tackle mechanism are ideally suited for the cutting of plants, shoots and branches around the garden or pond. In combination with the recommended GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handles, e.g. work around the garden pond or pond can be especially easily and conveniently carried out. The work angle is adjustable and the secateurs can therefore be flexibly adjusted to the work situation. The precison-ground blades guarantee a clean and precise cut, and easy cleaning. With the tear-proof 4.7 m long tough cord, you can easily regulate at the end of the handle when the secateurs are to cut. The cord can be fastened with a rope guiding ring and a height-adjustable pull handle with comfort non-slip stop. All parts are rust-proof and the warranty period is 25 years.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)