Comfort Pruning Lopper 780B

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With a total length of 780 mm and with hardened, non-stick coated, precision-ground blades, these Pruning Loppers provide a particularly clean and gentle cut for branches of up to approx. 42 mm in diameter. The Comfort Pruning Loppers 780B cut exceptionally accurately thanks to the gear transmission. In comparison to simple lever transmission, the required force can be reduced by 40%. The blades on this bypass Pruning Lopper simply slide through dry and hard branches and twigs. The drop-shaped aluminium arms are sturdy and ergonomically-shaped. They do not weigh a great deal, thus guaranteeing easy and precise handling. They also have an optimised lever action due to their length and shape. The blades on the Pruning Lopper are non-stick coated. This permits both easy cutting of the branches as well as easy cleaning. At the same time, the coating protects against rust. Safety and comfort is provided in multiple ways: for one thing by the ergonomically-shaped handles for improved grip, and for another by the additional soft components which make working with the Comfort Pruning Loppers even safer. The materials lie well in the hand, and are extremely sturdy, high-quality and durable. In addition, a large, one-sided buffer system is gentle on the wrists. GARDENA provides a warranty of 25 years on these Made in Germany Pruning Loppers.

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