Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650 BT

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The multi-awarded, double-cutting GARDENA Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650 BT has extendable, telescopic handles with a length range of 650 mm to 900 mm. In this way, you can easily extend your range and strengthen leverage. The Telescopic Lopper is ideal for green wood of up to 42 mm in diameter. The special blade shape holds the cut materials in an optimal cutting area and allows an especially easy, clean cut. The Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650 BT is produced with the most modern materials and precision-ground, non-stick coated blades that allow both easy cutting of the branches and easy cleaning. Double buffers give greater comfort and are gentle on your wrists. The ergonomically formed grips guarantee comfortable work with a secure hold. GARDENA offers a warranty of 25 years for this lopper.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)