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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In accordance with agreement made between the product category manager and the regional managers this tractor is a down-speced model that mustn't be shown on any end-consumer web sites, nor in any catalogues, direct mails or other marketing materials. This product information is for internal use only! This tractor should be considered a "step-in-model" at the dealer stores and isn't a tractor that we want to market and push for. The LT 2113 is built on the old chassis (that was used on the side ejection tractor range up to model year 2006), which means it hasn't got any of the new ergonomic features. The overall equipment on this model is cheaper than on the other Jonsered tractor models - it has a smaller black seat (with bolt adjustment), a cheaper steering wheel (also black) and cheaper, smaller tyres compared to, for instance, the LT 2216. Further differences are that the footrests on the LT 2113 have no pads and that the engine is a splash-lubricated Briggs & Stratton (compared to a full-pressure high-spec B&S engine on the LT 2216).

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