Elektroniska Pumpautomater

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With Electronic Pressure Pumps, you can save money and protect the environment: Use free rainwater or well water to irrigate your garden or use it in the toilets and washing machine inside your house. The integrated electronics automatically activate this robust Electronic Pressure Pump when water is needed and then turn it off again. The compact GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pump 6000/6E LCD Inox with a pump housing made of high-quality stainless steel, a rated power of 1,300 W, a maximum delivery capacity of 6,000 l/h and a max. pressure of 5.5 bar is eminently suitable for both mobile and stationary use – wherever you need it. Operation is simple, trouble-free and convenient. Thanks to the ergonomic carrying handle, you can easily transport your Electronic Pressure Pump, put it into operation at the touch of a button and utilise its numerous functions with easy operation. The reason for this fast, problem-free commissioning: The innovative integrated check valve guarantees fast suction! There is another convenient feature: The innovative integrated low quantity programme ensures problem-free application even with small delivery capacities, for example with modern washing machines or drip irrigation systems. Through the innovative MultiControl LC Display, you have full control over all pump functions. Various operation and safety displays can be directly read off the pump. In addition, you receive comprehensive text information on possible faults and their remedy through the new error diagnosis system. Intuitive menu guidance and diverse adjustment possibilities, adapted to your specific requirements, make operation of this Electronic Pressure Pump simple and provide absolute safety. The dry-running safety feature prevents damage of the pump when medium fails to flow. Exclusively high-quality materials are installed in the pump for powerful and low-noise operation. A maintenance-free capacitor motor with thermal overload switch conveys the water efficiently to the required location via a jet pump system. A large filling opening for filling the pump prior to commissioning permits easy handling. The 5-stage impeller guarantees very quiet operation. Rubber feet guarantee that the device stands securely and runs with little noise and vibration. A large-volume fine-mesh filter is installed in the Electronic Pressure Pump to protect it against dirt and sand. This is practical, as an external preliminary filter is not required. If there is a risk of frost, the Electronic Pressure Pump can simply be emptied via a water drain screw. Practical: The QR code on the pump leads you to more detailed information and allows you to view a video on product benefits and advantages of Electronic Pressure Pumps. In addition, you can view videos on problem-free commissioning and on how to put your device into storage correctly, and obtain valuable tips on suction problems. In this way, you are comprehensively informed for the prolonged and fault-free operation of your Electronic Pressure Pump.