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The compact GARDENA Garden Pump 3000/3 is the optimal starter model and can be used for multifarious purposes. Through its high suction power and pressure performance, the pump is ideal for watering, increasing pressure or to transfer or pump tap-, rain- or chlorinated swimming pool water. Light and robust, the pump is easy to use. Thanks to an ergonomic handle, the pump is easy to transport. To protect the Garden Pump against frost and thereby damage, it is equipped with a drain screw for draining remaining water in the pump. For a long life, GARDENA exclusively relies on high-quality materials. Ceramic protection and a double seal-system between motor and feed impeller ensure safe operation and prevent damage to the pump. A thermal protection switch protects the motor against overload. Note: GARDENA pumps are not suited for pumping saltwater, aggressive- or easily combustible substances, or food.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)