Spillvattenpump 13000 aquasensor

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If you would like to powerfully and quickly pump, then the high-performance GARDENA Dirty Water Pump 13000 aquasensor is the right pump for you – especially if strongly dirty water is involved. With the integrated aquasensor function the pump can, if required, automatically switch on with a water level of 70mm and powerfully transfer or drain water. Larger damage from water is thereby prevented. In general, the cut-in and cut-out heights are adjustable. For the Dirty Water Pump 13000 aquasensor even narrow shafts or areas are no problem due to the compact construction of the pump. The pump can easily pump dirty water with particles up to 30 mm in diameter. A robust housing made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic, a low-wear pump impeller and a low-noise, maintenance-free capacitor motor with thermal overload protection guarantee a long life. The especially compact and robust pump has a 10-metre-long power cable that allows universal use - even in great depths. Thanks to the universal connection, 13 mm (1/2")-, 16 mm (5/8")-, 19 mm (3/4")-, 25 mm (1")- and 38 mm (1 ½") - hoses can be connected to the pump.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)