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Using the GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 4000/5 eco with a power rating of 850 W and a maximum delivery capacity of 3,500 l/h, you can save energy easily. It distributes inexpensive rainwater, for example from rain barrels, wells or cisterns, fully automatically in your house and garden. For example, you can use water from the Pressure Tank Unit for flushing the toilet, for your washing machine and for irrigation of your garden. Depending on the water requirements, the Pressure Tank Unit switches on and off automatically, thus working extremely inexpensively. The infinitely adjustable eco mode also saves up to 15 % energy compared to normal operation. This makes it gentle on your purse and on the environment. Safety is guaranteed with the integrated dry-running safety with warning lamp function: The Pressure Tank Unit switches off automatically when the pump runs dry. Should a pump run hot when liquid fails to flow, an automatic safety switch-off function provides thermal overload protection. Convenient: The large-volume 24 l tank which is 5 years maintenance-free. During this time, the membrane does not have to be replaced, and air need not be refilled. Das GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit is serially equipped with an integrated pre-filter, which protects the pump against dirt and sand, as well as a backflow preventer, meaning that it can easily be put into operation, switched off or set to “manual” or “automatic” using the multifunction rotary switch. The large filling opening and the bleed valve ensure fast and problem-free initial operation. The self-priming is optimised through the automatic check valve adjustment. In addition, a thermal overload switch monitors the continuous, malfunction-free operation of the maintenance-free capacitor motor. On the pressure side, you can use three connection options according to requirements and individually, in order to operate several devices at once. Before the first frost sets in, simply drain the pump with the aid of the drain screw. The Pressure Tank Unit convinces customers through its well-engineered technology, its top-quality materials and its compact, space-saving design. The manometer and the pressure switch are integrated into the design in a space-saving, clear arrangement. Salt water, aggressive or easily flammable substances must not be pumped, nor must foodstuffs. As accessories, spring mounted rubber feet are available from GARDENA Service, which allow the Pressure Tank Unit to run even more quietly. Max. pressure/ delivery head 4.5 bar/ 45 m Connection thread 33.3 mm (G 1").

Illustrated parts list (IPL)