Clear Water Submersible Pump 8600 BASIC

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The GARDENA Clear Water Submersible Pump 8600 is a high performing pump ideal for draining, transferring and pumping out clean or slightly dirty water with a maximum grain size of 5mm. If you’re looking for a flexible submersible pump, this is a great choice for many applications. The electric pump is designed for outdoor and indoor use with swimming pools, rainwater butts, soakaways and flooded cellars. The GARDENA Clear Water Submersible Pump is equipped with an adjustable floating switch which prevents dry running and ensures that your pump runs efficiently and safely. It also comes with a patented connection for continuous on function to reach the maximum flat suction. A number of functional features are included; a 4 mm flat suction capability, making sure almost all unwanted water is drained away and a 10 m power cable allowing the pump to function effectively down to a maximum depth of 6 meters. The 400W motor lifts the water up to 5,5m and can pump or drain up to 8600 liters of water per hour. The pump is great to move almost clear water from A to B for example from rainwater barrels, to where it’s needed around your garden. If you have a paddling pool or a swimming pool the pump can be used to quickly and effectively pump or drain your pool. This practical, multi-purpose submersible pump is not only for outdoor use, it will sort out any household floods too, no need to worry about an overflowing washing machine or flooded cellar again. With 40 years of experience in pump design and manufacture, GARDENA is the market leader you can trust. This pump is perfect for occasionally use and gives you an excellent value for money.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)