Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4

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The GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4 is your solution for automatic water supply in the home and garden. Quick and easy to install, this stationary pump distributes water from rain barrels, wells or cisterns to where it’s needed around the house. You could save water, reduce water bills and be more environmentally friendly by using the pump to transfer water to your garden tap, washing machine or for flushing your toilet. The GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4 is designed to be easy to install, compact and sustainable. The big 19l tank, made from high quality EPDM membrane, is durable, long lasting and ensures low pump phases. The electric pump operates efficiently and safely with a built-in automatic thermo stop safety switch function in case of an overheating motor. The GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4 The extra filling opening ensure fast and easy installation. The in-built pressure gauge allows you to keep an eye on the performance of the pump, there is also a simple on/off switch. Before the first frost sets in, simply drain the pump with the aid of the drain screw. The powerfull 600W motor is strong enough to prime water from a maximum depth of 7m. Saltwater, aggressive or easily flammable substances must not be pumped, nor must foodstuffs. Engineered to last with quality materials and designed to be low maintenance. With 40 years of experience in pump design and manufacture, GARDENA is the market leader you can trust. The GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4 is an ideal purchase if you are looking for an efficient way to distribute and use water for many household and outdoor uses.

Illustrated parts list (IPL)